The competition for UK jobs is growing increasingly tense; something which is no better highlighted than the problems faced by newly graduating university students. However, the online recruitment industry is warning job seekers against fraudsters taking advantage of the turbulent atmosphere many individuals feel.

The internet has become a great wealth of opportunity for the jobseeker, and online recruitment websites provide an ever developing and useful resource for searches and CV posting. Regrettably however, con artists and scammers, never ones to miss an opportunity, are taking advantage of naïve and unvigilant grads to obtain personal information.

As the capital becomes an ever bigger draw for graduates, it is those looking for London jobs that seem to be most preyed upon. Reports, though not common, have been received of bank details being sent to secure a position in high profile financial institutions wishing to complete credit checks.

However, whether you are looking for London jobs, Manchester jobs or a job anywhere in between, before placing anything personal online, it is always best to do some basic checks.

Checking a website’s credentials should be obvious, as should looking for SSL certification to safeguard against your information being subject to hackers. Most recruitment sites are of course reputable, and will not mind being challenged to prove their worth if asked.

It is easy to ensure you stay safe when posting personal details online, just by applying a little common sense and treating the exchange of personal information as you would in any other walk of life.

Online jobsites make the task of getting into employment a little easier, more coherent, and allow you to look through thousands of jobs at once. Allowing your CV to be searched by employers is a great enhancement to land that dream entry position; but you do not have to give out all your information immediately.