How to avoid job hunting mistakes may seem like a difficult question but it is simply a matter of giving the employer or interviewer exactly what they want.

When you are frequently rejected either at application or interview stage you need to take a look at yourself and asses what you are doing wrong.

If the job requires a person who can type 90+ words a minute or fluent French then you better make sure you fill the requirements to the highest degree.  There is no point wasting their time with exaggerated skills or misleading information on your C.V.

Do not gossip about or discuss the inside dealings of other businesses or badmouth previous employers as you will come across as untrustworthy, flaky and even rude.

Always bear in mind that not only is it rude to discuss a previous employer in a negative manner, but it is also likely that it will result in you breaching any confidentiality agreement you signed.

Never respond to a rejection with rudeness or aggression as this behaviour will be noted by the employer and may be communicated to other organisations.

Avoid appearing sloppy and badly dressed or poorly prepared as it can be the small details that endear you to the interviewer.

A badly spaced C.V. is a constant source of irritation to employers so keep it clear and easy to read, as short as possible and including only relevant details; during the application stage the employer does not need to know that you were on the school chess team and breed dogs in your spare time.
As you can see, how to avoid job hunting mistakes can be an easy task.

Don’t Make Mistakes When Applying by Email

Job hunters are more commonly applying for jobs via email but using this method is not without potential problems.

How to avoid job hunting mistakes when using email is a question that many of us seem to ask at some point in the job seeking ritual.  There are many mistakes that can be made such as sending the email to the wrong person, hopefully not your current boss!

There are a few simple tips you can follow which will help you to avoid any potential mistakes when applying for a job online or via email.
You should try and refrain from sending the same letter of application to a wide range of companies. Don’t send the CV that you applied for a waitress position when you are looking for Tesco job vacancies.

Firstly because each application should be specifically designed for a certain business and job opportunity and secondly because sending mass applications at once can mean you are unsure of who is responding to you and may end up sounding confused and unprofessional as well as demonstrating a distinct lack of sincere interest in that job.

Never use your work email addresss to apply for a job.

Generally, a vacancy will be advertised with guidelines on applying, and these should be followed closely.

Last but definitely not least, fill out the email address of the person you are sending the application to last because if you send it accidentally before filling in all of the necessary details it will be embarrassing to have to resend the application.