You have a new website with a great web design. You are starting to drive traffic to your pages through Twitter and other social networking venues. First of all, a very large congratulations is in order for the successes that you have had thus far. The only way to take advantage of this newly found success is to track your website data, and one of the easiest ways to do that…Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics provides you with a significant amount of pertinent and useful information for small business owners. One of the most important areas that you can look through is the visitor overview. In this report, you can view both new and returning visitors, the average pageviews, their time on the site, and the bounce rate.

Visits are the most general area of tracking and really displays how well you promote your site. Some of the factors that can potentially effect the number of visits that your site gets are altering your internet marketing tools keywords, starting and/or stopping any advertisements, viral marketing events or activities, and overall search engine rank. Business owners can truly use this to determine if their current internet marketing plans are coming to fruition. So, what are the top three things that you can you do if your visits are low?

1. Start using internet advertising to target certain keywords and clientele.

2. Start to use your Twitter account and other social networking venues to promote your site.

3. Start to create relevant quality content that your current clientele can utilize and direct them to your site – word of mouth references are stronger than you truly think.

While pageviews are an important aspect to look at, they don’t truly give an idea of your marketing efforts. Instead, the Average Pageviews is truly a great report for the internet marketing business owner as it’s primarily a measurement of you content validity with your target audience. In other words, if you have a high average of pageviews, you are truly reaching your target market whereas if the average pageviews are low, the people visiting your site are not the right target audience, and it’s time for you change a few things:

1. Create new content or alter your current content to target a specific area of your business – this will both concentrate search engines on specific keywords on your site as well as drive a niche clientele to your information.

2. Take a look at the pages that your current visitors are reading through. You can capitalize on their interest by expanding on those topics and information that are already successful.

3. Improve the quality of content that you are producing. If your visitors are not stopping at multiple pages it is because (in all honesty) they are not finding your information as valuable. Change that by adding more pertinent information that they cannot do without which will make your website invaluable to them.

Google Analytic’s Map Overlay Bounce rate and time on site are relatively similar to the average pageviews. While they can deliver some important information to the business owner, the Map Overlay report is one of the best tools for small business owners to utilize. This report shows the volume of visits as well as the average pageviews in geographical terms. You are able to visualize exactly where your visits are coming from as well as the levels of interest based on specific regions. If you are not targeting your geographical service area you can:

1. Start composing content, pages, or posts that utilize locational keywords that will drive more geographic specific audience to your site.

2. List your website with Google Maps as well as other search engine directories. These will help your audience find you based on their searches in specific locations.

3. Begin promoting your website directly in your service area. For example, if your service area is truly concentrated in one area then you need to get out and drop your internet marketing tools business card with your website and social networking opportunities that you provide. Don’t discount face to face marketing and networking to build site loyalty.

Stay tuned for more information on how to utilize Google Analytics, but until then see if you can take advantage of the basic and best of Google Analytics. Take a look at the visitor report, average pageview statistic, and the map overlay to help you understand your current visitors. Make any necessary changes to your site based on the reports and the suggestions above, and keep monitoring those statistics. The bottom line is that all three of those reports can significantly help you fine tune your marketing and promoting efforts. Now, get out there and analyze your site, and leave your comments if you have any other input or need help!