Have you ever heard about PPV marketing? Also known as Pay per View advertising. I am sure you do but have not understood about it well, how it works, the benefits, the disadvantages and other important things that we need to know. This PPV internet marketing is one of the works that an unbeliever of PPC adsense has created.

This guy have argued about the pitfalls and shortcomings of PPC. But let us know better what PPV is and how can it help marketers like us. is it any better compared to other strategies?

PPV is classified as an adware. The term may not give off a useful impression. An adware is a software wherein advertisements are automatically downloaded or displayed. If PPV and adware are combined, it basically works like Google ppc. An advertiser signs a contract with a PPV network, after which that advertiser can bid on the keywords and phrases, and if they get that certain keyword a person or user search on that set of phrases, a pop up appears. One can also bid on url’s and it is still the same process with that of the keyword phrases.

Once you get the hang of it and people will start up to pick up on your own ads, you will see how much you have saved due to the fact the prices are much cheaper than that of PPC ads. The needed traffic will soon be visible. With PPV advertising and marketing your ads are more targeted.

The drawbacks of PPV marketing includes the refusal of some affiliates and their companies to accept PPV traffic especially in their terms of services. Also, less information has been provided on this kind of marketing. Only general ideas.

The efficiency has not yet been proven and the mainly the ideas are copied with Pay per Click advertising and marketing. If one has to analyze it, there is no difference between the two said internet marketing ideas. The only difference perhaps is the cost which is much cheaper in Pay per View promotion. This “new” kind of advertising and marketing is not completely new at all.

If you are to continue with this kind of marketing, make some more research, see to it that you just are sure in an individual’s decision to make use of this kind of advertising. It is your choice, it is ones own risk. Get your own business going. Can Pay per View marketing deliver? It is up to you. You can never can tell until you try it yourself.

Jeff Walker the creator of Product Launch Formula has briefed a lot about on internet marketing.

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