The information highway (the internet) resembles a six lane main road at rush hour. There is more and more information available every day. The question is how to stay on top of the information explosion and keep your products and services within view of your customers and also within view of new markets and potential clients. Free SEO (search engine optimization) tools can help you to achieve this ideal. The purpose of free SEO tools is to improve your search rating within search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

SEO tools are designed to help your website to stand out from the larger mass of information available on the Internet. Without the help of such tools your website will sink under the sheer mass of information available on the World Wide Web.

But what is search engine optimisation. You might think that this communications function is something that comes in a neat little package that you can just unwrap and use to improve your ratings on the Internet. This is not true. Search engine optimisation starts with knowledge of the code that is used to communicate with servers that make up the World Wide Web. The code is called Html and is constantly evolving. If you own a website it is highly recommended that you understand the basics of good code in order to ensure that your website adheres to good practices in code writing.

There is also an external part of search engine optimisation. In basic terms the more your site is referred to by other sites the better you will be rated on search engines. The way that sites refer to your site and you to them is through links. Whenever a site links to your site a search engine will see your site as more important and thus give you a higher rating. The more such links to your site the better the rating. There are also paid solutions to getting a better rating. On Google, as an example, you can buy a preferred position when clients search certain key words.

The last part of search engine optimisation is keyword optimising. All that this means is that you use certain keywords in the text of your site to encourage hits on those words to show on the search.

If all of this seems to be very complicated, do not worry too much. There are many companies that specialize in search engine optimisation and there are also free seo courses that can help you to make the most of your website. If you search the web you will also find quite a few offers for free SEO tools and you should give them a try because a penny saved is a penny earned.

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