I would list the whole calendar, but nothing is guaranteed. Every tax refund calendar I have seen is listed as possibly being deposited 8 to 14 days after being accepted by the IRS. It can take longer than any estimated date given.

Track Your Tax Refund

You can track your tax refund by using the tool at the web site of the IRS. It’s really very simple. You will need to have your Social Security number handy, your filing status, and the exact dollar amount of the tax refund you are expecting to receive.

Make sure you are using your own personal computer for entering such private information. When you are done using the tool, you will want to log out. Even though you don’t actually create an account to use this tool, you will still log out to finish using the tool. This is a safety precaution for safe guarding your Social Security number.

Income Tax Preparation Software

If you really want to make your life easier, you should use online tax software to prepare your income tax return form. All of your information will be guarded with the same encryption technology used by banks and a powerful firewall is also a part of online tax software. Just make sure you choose one of trusted companies like, TurboTax Online.

If you have always been afraid to prepare your taxes yourself, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. TurboTax online has a special feature just for beginners and they practically hold your hand and walk you through each and every step. They say it’s like having GPS for taxes. One of the best parts is the biggest refund guaranteed. I’m sure that will perk you right up. There are a lot of other great benefits.


Tax Refund Calendar and Tax Information

Not only will you be able to track your IRS tax refund, you will also have tons of tax information at your finger tips. It’s almost like having your own personal accountant sitting next to you giving you expert tax advice as you enter your information.

Your tax information will be stored on a firewall protected server and can only be accessed using your unique user name and password. I’ve listed a few of the many benefits that await you at TurboTax Online You should visit their web site to discover all of the advantages you will have when you use their tax preparation software. They are voted #1 year after year by companies we have known and trust. Go find out for yourself today!