Every office needs a printer, but not everyone thinks through their purchase of one. If you are considering a new printer, choose one that can handle your average workload while delivering the quality necessary for good office work. One model to consider is the Xerox Phaser 8400 Printer, which is reasonably priced, and uses solid Phaser 8400 compatible toner.

This Xerox printer can save you time, particularly because of its fast printing speeds. Page one of your document will fall in the tray in roughly six seconds. The rest of the pages print at 24 per minute. The printer has easy troubleshooting because of its PrintingScout and PhaserSMART tools that give on screen instructions. Other time-saving tools include the CentreWare embedded Web server which you can use to control the printer from your desktop, and the Usage Analysis tool that you use to create a record of the printing history.

The documents this printer produces will be high quality. It comes with automatic color correction, which translates to better consistency between print quality when you have images and text in the same document. The photo mode will produce rich, deep color images.

This printer uses Solid toners. That means that it uses solid silicone, which is heated and applied in a microscopic layer. It is a low-waste printing method that is not harmful to the environment. This process creates saturated, consistent color and can be used with a broad variety of mediums.

The Phaser 8400 should last you a long time. It can handle up to 85000 pages per month, so it survives a sometimes heavy workload. It has a warranty for one year, and comes with the Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

This printer also lays claim to money-saving appeal. Considering its benefits, it does have a low price. A slightly cheaper rival printer is only half the speed of this model, while a more expensive printer doesn’t always have as many tools as this model. The high quality printing makes this a viable alternative to a more expensive printing shop. There are also ink-saving modes that still produce good images.

There are many tools the Phaser model offers that simplify printing. Some are pretty standard, such as the auto fit to page size, double-sided, booklet style, watermark, and collation options. Others are a little harder to come by, but still very useful. The cover sheet option gives you the ability to use a different paper tray for page one of your document, while the separate page option puts a blank sheet of paper between each print job so that they are easier for multiple users to separate.

This is a fast printer with decent specs. The Phaser 8400 has 20 GB hard disk storage, 500 MHz PowerPC processor, Adobe PostScript 3, and 512 MB of memory. The printer can also copy and scan. Although it is limited by its paper size (max size is legal), it can handle many paper types. Also, this model has the option of connecting to a network.

Although the Phaser 8400 is no longer available new from Xerox, there are options for purchase. Consider the newer version of this printer line, the Phaser 8560, which also comes equipped with the high-quality Xerox Phaser 8400 cartridge. You can also consider software from Xerox, which should be compatible with this printer.