I spent a lot of time looking for partners to backlink with however I stopped as it just didn’t work like it used to. That’s when I began creating my own backlinks to my money sites and watched my page rank increase for most of my sites.

Brief Description of a LinkWheel.

You can think of a linkwheel like a bike wheel with the hub in the center and the spokes connecting to the outer wheel for strength and stability. Well that’s kinda what a linkwheel is like.

Your money page is located in the center and the spokes are the links from other web sites, all directed towards your money site.

A bike with just one or two spokes wouldn’t work would it. However the more spokes you add the stronger the wheel gets.

LinkWheels Are Labour Intensive

Basically you have a couple of ways to build link wheels. 1. You can pay others to do it for you to save a lot of time and effort, 2. You can take your own time and build the linkwheel yourself and save money.

It will take work to build a linkwheel that’s successful but your efforts, if done correctly, will bring you the traffic you need and help to increase your page rank.

How To Build Your LinkWheel

Allow me explain how I build a linkwheel by sharing with you what I shared with a friend the other day.

Step 1: Have Good Content To Link To

Personally if I land on a site that doesn’t have good content I leave. I don’t waste my time following links hoping they linked to something better. So good content is most important to make a linkwheel work best.

A lot of time, especially online, you’ve got just one opportunity to keep a visitor.

Step 2: Start A Spreadsheet To Keep Track of Your LinkWheel

My first few linkwheels got very confusing and I scrapped the idea. Why, because I wasn’t keeping track of what I was building and soon I was lost and confused.

My dad always said, Don’t do what I do, just do what I say.

Step 3: Reseraching Your Keywords, it’s Vital

I feel the need to mention just how important your keywords are. When ever you are writing always, always, always, focus on your keywords. Use those keywords in the title, start, middle and end of your articles as well as in any hyperlinks you create.

Step 4: Learn How To Spin Articles

Rewriting my articles has saved me a ton of time. I even use PLR articles to speed the entire process. The key to building effective linkwheels is to be unique.

  • Take the time to change something in every paragraph, a great job for your thesaurus.
  • I will also change the sentences and paragraphs around a bit if it doesn’t ruin the structure in the article.
  • I will also add something at the beginning, middle and end of the article to make it even more unique.

Note: I publish articles on SEOLinkVine where I use the article spinning features. This gives me many more unique articles that get published over the SEOLinkVine network of blogs.

Step 5: Places To Start Building Your Link Wheel

  1. Article Directories – Look for the top article directories, those with the highest pagerank and submit unique keyworded articles to them, making sure to link them back to your money site. Note: EzineArticles.com is tops for me.
  2. Build Lenses/Pages on Squidoo.com – Goto Squidoo.com and start a lens, which is basically a web page. Try to use your keywords you use on your money site. Use these keywords in the title and of course throughout the page without spamming keywords.
  3. Use HubPages.com to Create Pages – Do the same thing you did on Squidoo just make the content you use unique as the search engines eat up fresh content.
  4. Guest Post on Other Blogs – For this to work well you will most likely need to find the blogs you would like to guest post on and then start leaving helpful comments. After a time of comment with value-added content as the blog owner if you might make a guest post. Do a good job or it won’t get accepted.
  5. Don’t Forget The Social Media Sites – There are so many socialbookmarking and media sites online that it makes my head spin but with a little work and thought you can get tons of links back to your money sites.
  6. Bonus Point – Video Sites – If you can make a few videos and spread them around the video sites, like Youtube and Tubmogul you will have many more links for your linkwheel.

I have been getting tons of backlinks from SEOLinkVine and their article spinner features allows me to write articles that produce multiple unique articles, which gives me many more useful backlinks for my own linkwheels.