The individuals, who play one of the biggest parts in a child’s life, second only to parents, are teachers. They help to form the intellectual and social development that occurs during the early years, making it a very challenging career, but also one that is very rewarding. They need excellent communication skills plus the ability to motivate and inspire. They have the responsibility of creating the environment and providing the tools that are necessary for children to learn.

Teachers will typically use a classroom to share knowledge with their students, helping them to learn and use concepts in the subjects of math, English, science, geography and history. In an English class, they help students to develop and improve reading skills, as well as writing and grammar. The advancement of computer literacy skills may be part of the curriculum too. Just a few of the duties that they perform include preparing and assigning lessons, meeting with school staff and parents, and developing and administering tests that have to be graded.

Aside from the everyday routine in the classroom, a career in teaching may also involve participation in some extracurricular activities, such as going with students on a field trip, staying late for study hall and participating in educational workshops or conferences. Middle and high school instructors will usually concentrate on only one subject, providing instruction to several different students and classes throughout the day, while pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school teachers are normally assigned one specific class and will spend time teaching a variety of different subjects to that class.

Teaching is definitely a very rewarding occupation but it can also be frustrating. This can happen when they have to handle disrespectful or unmotivated students, and possibly worse, violent or unruly ones. Often times this form of education in the public school systems is even more frustrating when you have to deal with large size classes, heavy work loads and sometimes unreasonable parents.

Those who choose to instruct at private schools during their careers generally have more control over the curriculum, performance standards and have smaller class sizes. Since many private schools have a more selective admission process the students have a tendency to be more motivated. However, whether a career is pursed at a private or public school, the work environment depends upon such things as management policies, the school location and any educational benchmarks. Typically, a teacher works more than 40 hours a week when you consider the school activities that take place outside of the classroom.

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