Team development – why your office isn’t like The Office

 Every employer should want to boost morale, increase staff communication and finally increase proficiency, so why don’t all firms send their staff on development events?  Is it because a number of these events can have the plain fact they conjure up negative connotations – many brought on by the ludicrous events portrayed on TV?

 Actually, the words and wisdom of David Brent from television’s “The Office ” have forced middle management staff to look in the mirror and question whether that is who they reflect.

 Amongst Brent’s many, now famous, quotes the one which best summarizes his considering working as a team reads : “There may be no  ‘I’ in team, but there is a  ‘ME’ if you look hard enough”.

Fans of the show will keep in mind the excellent episode in which a team development expert made a trip to the Wernam Hogg offices. Brent quickly took over, and transformed the meeting into basically a confirmation of him, including a cover of his seminal 1980s pop ballad “Free Love on the Freelove Expressway ” on the guitar.

Nonetheless in the real world team development events are nothing like the cringeworthy and soul-destroying nightmare depicted on The Office.  Many corporations across the UK now offer companies the opportunity to take their staff out of the office and away on a team building day.

Team building permits staff members to understand and develop the tools and talents important to push business expansion and sustain improvement and development.

And notwithstanding worldwide economies being in the middle of a recession, staff development remains crucial to the expansion of a business. In fact, it is much more vital as when the recession ends there will certainly be opportunities for the best managed businesses to milk the growing market.

Team development can take a variety of forms, from in-house teaching to getting out into the great outdoors and undertaking journey courses, high ropes trails and private challenges – which will definitely evoke and be notable for workers.