She had made up her mind she was tired of the boss walking all over her. She decided that she was going to take the risk and leave the company. Then she would not have to worry about him taking advantage of her. She was even debating about telling the company president about the job that he did. However, that might be a little harsh thing to do.<br /><br />When she got up the courage she walked over to the office and just pushed the door open. She did not care about the formals of knocking three times that he wanted. She just wanted to get this over with and quick. When she stormed in she was shocked to see the president of the company sitting there. She knew that he would probably be interested to here what she had to say. That was even more obvious when he asked why she was going to be leaving the company.<br /><br />She told him that she had found some <a href=’’>money making tips</a> that was working out for her. Then she decided to also tell him that she was tired of being trampled on by her boss. That he just used his staff to do all of the jobs that he was assigned.<br /><br />The president looked over at her former boss and asked if any of this was true. He tried to weasel his way out of it, but then Lisa quipped up about the last report that was supposedly confidential. The president looked at her former boss and told him that it was confidential for his eyes only because it included trade secrets. The president looked at Lisa and asked if he could convince her to stay on at the company by running the new <a href=’’>home business ebooks</a> division. She would not even have to deal with her old boss anymore because he was fired effectively immediately for breaching the confidence of management.<br /><br />Lisa looked at him and said that she would have to think about it for a little bit. However, she already knew that if they would let her work at home she would be all over the job. She glanced at her former boss and said that she would take the job under that condition.<br /><br />The president told him that they would be more than willing to do that. He was always looking for a good and honest employee that did the jobs assigned to them rather than having staff do it. He also told her that they would supply her with some <a href=’’>plr articles</a> to work with on getting the word out on the internet about the new product.<br /><br />Lisa felt happy about her decision when she left that day. She decided to call her husband on the way home from the office. She told him that she was going to stay on at the company, but in a role that would keep her at home and allow her to do what she loved to do. He was very happy about the promotion and told her that if she wanted to do they could go out to the fancy restaurant that she liked when she got home.