Want to maintain the beauty and long life of your billiard table?  Of course you do, for they are among your cherished possession if only because they do not come cheap. 

There are many available accessories to help improve players’ games and enhance the overall satisfaction they  get from the game.  Though many people know they enjoy playing the game, they probably know but a little  about the game. In this case, they may want to purchase a player’s guide that teaches how to play, what to play, and all of the other logistics that players should know.    

Essential billiard supplies and accessories next to the billiard table and balls are the pool cues or billiard sticks.  They are the ones that hit the ball.  Buy the ones that are balanced and straight. Quality is a bit more expensive but you may get cheaper ones if they feel good to you. They are available in different weights,  colors and other options.  You may also need cue  racks to keep your cues in.

Cue chalk is another necessary supply for the best play with your billiards. The chalk keeps the cues or stick from slipping off the surface of the balls as they are hit.  Chalks are  available in different colors like red, blue, and gray. Some players use special gloves that can be worn during game play.

Pool tables covers should never be overlooked when it comes to choosing supplies and accessories for your billiards.  They have the responsibility of protecting your investment from dust and dirt, from other forms of accidents like unwanted marks from a child, from a drinking buddy, a run away cat, etc.  Instances such as these can severely damage the parts of the billiard, so be sure that you always have a pool table cover handy to cover your precious investment when not in use.