29″ wheeled mountain bikes are here to stay. The combination of less rolling resistance, more stability and increased traction make persons fall in love with the way they ride. The Salsa Mamasita is usually a bike that has all the benefits of the massive wheels with an amazing frame and awesome develop kit. While not an entry level bicycle, the Mamasita is usually a fantastic value.

As the heart of any bike is the frame that’s where we will begin. The principal triangle and chain stays are made of Scandium tubing which has a wishbone carbon fiber seat remain. Scandium is an element when alloyed with aluminum increases fatigue life, strength and journey high quality. This mixed using the carbon fiber makes for any light but strong frame. The front triangle is fairly standard hunting with really clean welds. The real magic happens out back. Both the seatstays and chainstays are flattened ovals, much wider than they’re tall. The aim would be to increase torsional rigidity while allowing a little vertical compliance for a much more comfortable experience.

You are able to get the Mamasita as a frame or a complete bike. The comprehensive package is often a really nice build having a full Shimano XT group except the Race Face Deus crankset. The Rock Shox Reba is one from the best cross nation forks close to. Lots of adjustability and it comes having a handlebar mounted lockout. Handlebar, stem, seatpost and rims are all Salsa. Most businesses house brand parts are usually a step down but Salsa is really a well respected component maker in their own right. The weight comes in close to 25 lbs for the comprehensive bicycle. With some parts swaps it is possible to make it lighter but it’s pretty solid as is.

The ride is classic tough tail combined with big wheels. Snappy and quick the Salsa Mamasita is usually a fun bicycle to ride. It likes to be ridden hard. But for all of it is racy feel it is still very comfy. The larger diameter wheels do a great job of muting the smaller bumps and the design in the stays seems to take the edge off of sharper hits. Power transfer is solid favoring out with the saddle attacks. The Mamasita is at home on a cross nation race course but don’t shy away from it if you’re searching for an all round mountain bike.

The Salsa Mamasita is usually a great bike for a person searching for a rapid 29″er whether for racing or long trail rides. Compared to the carbon fiber 29″ers on the market the Mamasita is far less expensive, far more durable and only slightly heavier.