As a website flipper, you may think that private domain registration is a wise business move, but this article may change your mind. Granted, you are keeping personal information private, but is that really helping your website flipping business? Before getting into why you shouldn’t use private domain registration, here is an explanation of what it is.

Private Domain Registration

Non-profit corporation ICANN keeps track of over all registration of domain names, and it requires that registrars like NameCheap and GoDaddy to keep a public WHOIS directory of registered domains. When first registering your domain at one of the registrars, you have the ability to use private domain registration. For a small fee, you have the option to have your personal information like your name, phone number, address and email address out of public view. However if you DON’T use private domain registration, anyone who conducts a WHOIS search can get your personal info.
Why a Website Flipper Shouldn’t Use Private Domain Registration

Before you get too alarmed, stop. There’s a perfectly justifiable reason why you shouldn’t use private domain registration. As a website flipping professional, you probably have many currently unused domains and websites under your name. These possessions are actually assets that are a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week advertisement for you. Savvy buyers are site-shopping even outside of Flippa. In fact, a potential buyer may even be looking at one of your parked domains right now. Don’t you want them to be able to get a hold of you?

The next step the buyer is going to take is to perform a WHOIS search to find out contact information. And if you use private domain registration, potential buyers would find it difficult to contact you.   

Just take into consideration how many potential buyers you could have lost because they couldn’t contact you. By making yourself accessible and opting out of private domain registration, you have the opportunity to grow your website flipping business, and that means more cash in the bank.