In addition to offering a wide variety of jewelry making beads (tagua beads and coconut beads) to assemble necklaces, earrings, bracelets and everything related to handmade jewelry, we are now also offering you several models of necklaces. These beaded jewelry can be made from the comfort of your home. With a small investment and some time you can make accessories like these necklaces that are the perfect complement to your clothing. Look at all models, choose your favorite and get to work!


GEORGINA NECKLACE – This model is ideal for wear in the day or night. Necklace and Earrings made out of  Ecofriendly Beads  available at – Ecuador at your hands! 


706060 Small wheel (15mm) 4 units
706080 Medium wheel (20mm) 16 units
706100 Big wheel (28mm) 6 units
700020 Tagua beads Pearls 6mm  4 units
Fishhook Earring 2 units
Cord Ends 4 units
Lobster Clasp 1 unit
Small Rings 2 units
Cord 2.5 meters

Tagua beads ideal for jewelry making. These craftbeads are manufactured with vegetal ivory nuts and slices, and are available in many colours to choose from. Great ecofriendly beads for ecofriendly jewelry.

— A Little History around Tagua —

TAGUA ECUADOR also known as Vegetable Ivorycorozo, or Exotic Ivory, is the dried and polished nuts of several South American palms. Tagua is remarkably similar to animal ivory in both looks and feel. Tagua is long-wearing and easily carved, and it even mimics the porosity of animal ivory.

Tagua promptly became one of Ecuador ‘s leading exports to Europe. Craftsmen used the nuts to fashion handmade decor pieces and souvenir handicrafts, from tagua chess pieces, tagua figures for decoration, to tagua buttons and tagua umbrella handles. In the early part of this century, Colombia and Ecuador were exporting some 40,000 tons of the material annually to the United States and Europe. After the World War II, competition from an inexpensive new synthetic called plastic wipes out the Tagua trade. Now that the world is waking up to the flourishing environmental problems which face our planet today and that environmental concerns are getting higher on the world’s agenda that ever before, the use of Tagua is getting renewed. Commerce in vegetable ivory decor is helping foster respect for Rain Forests in Ecuador, and it is doing so through the nondestructive exploitation of a renewable resource.