Hiring a cover band for your event will for sure add to the entertainment ingredient and present something that may be a little different from what is expected.

Different events need different kinds of entertainment, but one thing most people find acceptable at all kinds of events is music. Music speaks across all ages and kinds of people and unites them in enjoyment. But live music from a cover band will make your event extra special. So many events play music from a CD player and this is fine for a casual gathering of family and friends.

But for an event where every detail has been carefully planned, something with a little more pizzazz is needed. Cover bands provide this extra special something in a way that no canned music can do. The musicians work with you to give your guests just the right music at the right time.

For instance, if your event includes a meal, the cover band can play quietly so that guests can enjoy a chat while they are eating. Then when the meal is over you may want your guests to enjoy themselves on the dance floor, so the cover band will know to play something a little more lively and conducive to dancing.

In this way the cover band forms an important function throughout the evening as they help guests to enjoy themselves. Having a cover band at your marriage, party or any other function will definitely provide a wow factor that is hard to replicate with just the services of a DJ.

And if you were wondering where your live band could fit, you will find that many times a live band can fit in the same space as would be allotted to a DJ. The DJ hire usually needs room for two tables and the speakers. A live band can oft fit into such a space without too much trouble. Of course if there is more room available they will probably expand to fit it.

The vocalist of a cover band can often change the lyrics of a song so that it is more personal and fitting to the social function. For instance, they can change a name in the song to that of the bride or birthday girl – or boy.