So what is this Exit Splash people are talking about? Exit Splash is an application you use in your marketing. You use this script to increase your exposures to the traffic that visits your site. By what means is this done? First the script is installed on your site, then when your visitors leave they are asked several questions about their preferences for destination. You’ll design what choices the visitor receives such as to visit another site (of yours), to opt-in to an offer, or see another sales opportunity. You are the one to design the questions and destinations. As to exactly which pages are displayed, that will be your choice alone.  It especially works great for play guitar sites and other ecommerce type stores.

We went straight to see what the asking price is for this product. As we’re writing this articles, Exit Splash is selling for less than $100. Not bad, but more looking around revealed a price for $67, even better. That’s can be a good price, as long as the product delivers on the promise made. Studies done on this script have reported as high as a three hundred percent increase in sales conversions and site visitors. The price for Exit Splash can be easily and quickly paid for, so that’s a great thing.

No worries though, Exit Splash is purchased through Clickbank so no reason to think you’ll be ripped-off. Their policy is a blanket sixty day period in which you can get a refund if you’re not happy with it. You will have lots of time, 60 days, to use the script and see how it impacts your conversions. If your conversions increase – you’re good to go. So then it’s easy; if your sales do not increase, then you can get a refund or keep trying maybe with a different promotion. It’s all good.  Check out the Market Samurai blog for an example use of this.

You can actually check out the script on their sales page because it’s being used on it. When you go to leave the Exit Splash site you get a live demonstration of how the script will work. You see one of the pop up templates show up. Behind the popup you’ll see a sample page, and it will load when the popup appears. This is a great way to show potential buyers exactly how the installed script is supposed to work.  If you have an article about playing guitar online, then have an exit pop that show relevent online guitar courses.  There are endless ways to get your conversions up. No question, it can be tough trying to convert someone who is hesitant. Nothing new with visitors who are reluctant to do anything the first time they visit. The goal of Exit Splash is to get you those valuable extra exposures for your marketing message. And this is done through the use of an easy to install script, and there’s no complicated work involved!