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The inhabitants of the world is slowly increasing. As this occurs, we need to take great warning in making sure we don’t hurt the environment. If we don’t be careful then it might lead to disastrous results for us and nature.

As cities grow larger and bigger the pure land round them is being changed into houses and office buildings. We need to arrange more parks inside cities to allow for the massive amount of urbanization. These parks help to beautify the town while serving to to protect our environment.

As we construct these homes and cities we are utilizing increasingly more lumber and other pure sources for the buildings. We have to limit how much quarrying is allowed in one space and they have to be replanted as an alternative of left bare. You probably have ever seen the aftermath of a quarry you’d perceive how it is a scar to the earth.

Once we use the timber in a rainforest or any forest we should always replant no less than the same amount of trees that we took out of it. Birds, squirrels, and other animals use these forests to survive and collect food. Without this pure habitat they may slowly start to die off.

Also various energy sources needs to be researched and used extra heavily. As we burn an increasing number of fossil fuels we’re hurting the atmosphere and slowly losing those useful resources. Studying learn how to increase our makes use of of photo voltaic, wind, and hydro-electrical energy will greatly help save the environment.

It might not appear to be nature is being damage any now. Nevertheless, as time goes on we’ll slowly start to see a decline of animals and should even see some species go extinct and if we don’t change the way in which we stay we may soon outgrow nature herself.


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